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At ServiceMaster Clean the Experience Matters

At ServiceMaster Clean, we have the experience to service manufacturing facilities big and small, and with multiple locations. We work around your production schedules, production equipment, OEMs, warehousing, finished stock and high-tech controller equipment.

We can service your (front) office areas or the entire facility. This includes cleaning outside the facility to handle needs such as removing crates, baling cardboard and other needs. We understand the importance of a clean facility to make a strong impression to your employees, clients and guests, and also to pass company inspections.
Our hard-surface floor care services offer enhanced slip resistance, increasing safety for your employees and customers. We have state of the art products and equipment to fully clean all types of floors, including concrete, marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry, tile, wood and more. Attractive, well maintained floors can help enhance your professional image, while providing a clean, safe, work environment. We offer specialized products to handle unusual dirt or floor care issues.

Whatever your service or scheduling needs, ServiceMaster Clean can tailor a plan to best service your facility. We offer:

  • Specialized products to handle unusual dirt or floor care needs
  • Detailed cleaning of high levels of dust, air particles and residue
  • Air scrubbing uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to remove particles from the air, enhancing the efficiency of cleaning and clearing the air for safe breathing. Air scrubbing capabilities in large spaces.
  • Cleaning conveyers systems
  • Cleaning production equipment, including unique or specialized equipment
  • Ceiling cleaning services
  • Cleaning shelves
  • Janitorial needs in offices